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Recycle & Earn Cash!

Would you like to earn cash while you recycle?

1. Magnetic Island
10c Recycling Rewards

Sign up to Return-It. You can either nominate yourself to receive the refund, or support a local community group.
Return-It visits Magnetic Island
Every Tuesday & Thursday

At the Old Helipad on Nelly Bay Road

12:30pm -1:30pm
At the Horseshoe Bay Recration Oval, Horseshoe Bay Rd, HSB. (Next to HSB Skate Park).

PLEASE NOTE: THIS CAN CHANGE DUE TO DEMAND. The small truck fills up quickly, so please check on our Facebook page.

24/7 Return-It Pod and Bins
You can deposit your 10c containers in the Return-IT bins at the Kindy on Sooning Street OR in the large Return-It Pod at the end of Mandalay end of Bottiger St in Nelly Bay (behind the school). Deposit your 10c containers at these locations 24/7.

To make your donation to Zero Waste use the following code:
2. Sell Your Recycled/Upcycled Items
Zero Waste Magnetic Island has a market stall at the Magnetic Island Markets. If you have items you'd like to sell, why not come and join our table, help out and earn cash? For more information, visit our Events/News page.
Alternatively why not try selling your items at a local boutique or online?
3. Don't Tip It, Resell It!
You might think it's rubbish, but for others it may be just what they need. Why not sell your old items via a number of the Magnetic Island Facebook pages - or just give it away!
• Magnetic Island Buy/Swap/Sell
• Maggie Island Buy Swap and Sell
• Buy, Sell and Swap on Magnetic Island
• Magnetic Island Locals Buy And Sell
• Magnetic Island Freecycle (Only free items)
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